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At Fab Manufacturing, LLC (FM), we provide you an opportunity to increase your capacity without increasing your overhead by fabricating the specialty and miscellaneous carbon steel products that your project requires. 

With our experience in jig & fixture making, FM can also service your high volume/production welding needs as well. From receiving raw materials to shipping and delivering completed piece marks, all stages of fabrication are performed in our nearly 30,000 square foot facility on 3 acres. 

FM qualifies our fabrication capabilities as industrial class, service class, and commercial class relative to NAAM criteria.

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Typical scope of steel items fabricated by FM:

  • Embed plates

  • Light structural frames

  • Stairs

  • Railings

  • Angle frames

  • Counter-top supports

  • Ladders

  • Platforms

  • Catwalks

  • Loose Lintels

  • Custom Fabrication

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